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Welcome to Nipa Huts Village Bohol guesthouse, we are the first guesthouse built in bohol located in Loboc Town, very famous in Tarsier, floating Restaurant, Loboc river and Loboc children’s choir and way to see the famous Chocolate Hills.

When our guests from Cebu Guesthouse in Cebu City asking for a good and cheap accomdation in bohol we are just recommending them other accommodation place in Tagbilaran city, until the time that we have decided to built our own guesthouse in Bohol.

So me and my brother, Maynard rent a motorbike in tagbilaran City and scout the Barangays of Loboc along the river to look for a perfect place to built our cottages, until we found this perfect place home for our native Nipa Huts cotagges in Bgy Valladolid.

Why Nipa Huts village?, We come up with that name when the people of Valladolid main livelihood is to harvest Nipa Palm Leaves along the river and wave them and make them a Nipa Hut roofing and walling. because of these main livelihood of the community, we name our Bohol guesthouse Nipa Huts village. It is located in the middle of Nipa Hut making village of Valladolid and Nipa Hut waving is the main livelihood of the community aside from tourism, rice farming and coconut oils.

When you book your stay with us during your Philppine bohol trip you simply helping the town people in there livelihood, the money you will spend with us will go to pay our staffs that are locallly from Loboc bohol, you will not only helping 1 person but you are also helping the whole family. when you buy your food and meals to us, you simply helping our local farmers and market vendors of the town. We hire people that are locally from Loboc bohol and we spend your hard earned money only in Loboc Bohol.

We are upgrading our services and also expanding our accomodation to cater all our guests from around the world. And we only hired people that are locally from Loboc bohol where we are exactly located.
My wife and I love Loboc Bohol and it is now our home, we love the people there and the community, we simply enjoy the simple rich life of Boholanos its full of old filipino cultures and loves the guests and visitors coming anywhere around the world.

Thank you for choosing Philippines and bohol Island as your travel destinations, we hope that you enjoy your stay with us and your experience in the Philippines. If you need any help wherever in the Philippines I am more than happy to be contacted anywhere and anytime in my mobile number +63 943 274 5483.
Thank you once again for choosing Nipa Huts Village bohol guesthouse.

Its more fun in the Philippines,

Norbert & Marnie

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